Private Lessons

We offer private violin and viola lessons to children as young as three years old in Riverside, IL.

Students brand new to the instrument begin as what we call “pre-Twinklers,” who complete a variety of tasks and activities related to proper posture and holding of the instrument and bow. Once a pre-Twinkler has demonstrated consistent and satisfactory posture, they graduate into the “Twinkle” phase, and eventually on to Book 1 and beyond.

Older beginners, transfer students, and orchestra students are also welcome. Older beginners may be fast-tracked through the pre-Twinkle process at the teacher’s discretion. Transfer students and orchestra students are assessed for ability level and technical refinement needs before being placed into the curriculum.

We believe Suzuki is for everyone and we make it our responsibility to set you up for success in lessons. If you’re feeling unsure, we encourage to to sign up to receive more information, schedule a FREE call with our director, or schedule an in-person consultation to get a mini lesson and make sure this is a good fit for you.

Group Classes

Group class is a required component of Suzuki-based string education. In addition to weekly private lessons, students meet in a group setting on a weekly basis.

Meeting in a group setting offers critical learning opportunities, including:

  • Socialization
  • Review
  • Disguised repetition
  • Enrichment
  • Ensemble skills
  • Confidence

All students are welcome to attend. Classes are organized by age and ability level.


We offer limited availability for coaching in single sessions and multi-lesson packages. Whether you are preparing for an audition, an upcoming playing exam, or trying to stay on track during a break from performing, our faculty can provide you with crucial guidance and and technical expertise to keep your skills sharp.

Adult Students

Adult students are always welcome at AMS – in fact, we boast a good number of adult beginners (and have a lot of feelings about it). Adult students are encouraged to get in touch prior to setting up a consultation.

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