Meet Nissa

Ms. Nissa Anderson is an educator and violinist based in the western suburbs of Chicago.

Nissa has a breadth of teaching experience in multiple settings and training in the Suzuki method. She also holds a bachelor’s in music education – something you don’t find at your average private studio.

What You’ll Get

A free consultation.

And, by choosing a teacher with an array of training and experience, your child will receive an education that fits them as a learner.

Ms. Nissa’s techniques are firmly rooted in the Suzuki Method, the philosophies of which emphasize:

  • a strong relationship between student, teacher, and parent
  • the belief that every child is capable of amazing musical ability if they are nurtured appropriately
  • learning by ear
  • development of the whole child through the study of music

The Suzuki method also emphasizes learning at a pace appropriate for the child. Ms. Nissa fits her methods to the student, rather than fitting the student to the method. She’s never really taught the same lesson twice – everyone is different.

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