About Us

Who We Are

Anderson Music Studio was founded by Nissa Anderson, a native of La Grange, IL and former Suzuki student. Nissa is passionate about the transformative power of music education. In founding AMS, she sought to bring high quality music instruction to the families of the western suburbs. Nissa holds a BA in Music Education and an Illinois teaching licensure – not something you find at the average music studio. We boast some spectacular faculty, too.

What We Believe

At AMS, we believe in the tenets of the Suzuki Method. Chief among these philosophies is the belief that every child can develop not only solid musical ability but a beautiful, well-rounded character through the study of music.

To us, music instruction holds tenfold benefits. Our students develop crucial skills through their study, including:

  • Discipline
  • Time management
  • Resilience
  • Critical thinking
  • Self-awareness and assessment
  • Confidence

For us, these aren’t fringe benefits but essential life skills. Being really, really good at an instrument is just a bonus.

At AMS we also believe in well-rounded musicianship. We make sure that our students not only understand what they’re doing, but how and why they’re doing it.

How We Get There

Another tenet of Suzuki philosophy is the triangle – the crucial relationship between student, parent, and teacher.

We take a student-centered approach to instruction. We listen to and collaborate with our students because we feel their voice is just as important as ours. Fitting the instruction to the child is a core priority to us. Arbitrary deadlines have no place here – we choose to fit the pace to the student.

Parents are our partners. We seek to educate the child, but we also educate the parent to be the best support system they can be. We all get farther when we work together.

Ready to invest in your child’s musical growth and character development?