What makes Anderson Music Studio different from other studios in Chicagoland?

Music instruction from a certified educator

If you take a look at the faculty of a good number of music studios, a large majority of faculty members have performance degrees in their instrument of choice. Finding a studio teacher with an education degree is a bit harder to come by. Finding a studio teacher with an education degreeĀ and Suzuki method training is a rare entity. Finding a studio teacher with an education degree and Suzuki method training at a competitive tuition rate? The rarest of all.

This is not to say that performers-turned-teachers are ineffective; they can make invaluable coaches and mentors. We simply feel there is value in not only knowing the instrument, but knowing how people learn.

Ms. Anderson’s training is in music education; she not only had to fulfill the performance requirements of her liberal arts music major, but had to fulfill the rigorous expectations of her liberal arts education degree. Her education was not simply in the technique of her instrument, but the foundations of how human minds learn and how to truly teach effectively. She is not someone who uses teaching as a side hustle while she looks for performance opportunities. She is someone who truly values music as an educational pursuit and wants to help each student reach their musical goals. Ms. Anderson has put time and effort into learning the best approaches possible, and is refining and furthering her teaching techniques all the time. She’s not looking to churn out the world’s next great performers, but she is invested in helping all students reach their musical goals, big or small.

PLUS: We come to you!

A music lesson in your home can’t get much more convenient. We have no physical location or overhead, so we can keep our tuition rates competitive. As long as you have the time, space, and desire to learn, getting a sound musical education has never been easier. Take a lesson in your PJ’s, we definitely won’t mind!



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