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It is Ms. Nissa’s endeavor as an educator to help each student reach their musical potential through highly personalized instruction. She strives to work with the student’s strengths, be mindful of the student’s deficiencies, and work towards individual goals while instilling proper foundations of posture, technique, and musicality. Ms. Nissa values a strong relationship between student, teacher, and parent/guardian, and as such each entity has their own responsibilities to ensure the student’s musical success:

The Teacher’s Responsibilities

  • To treat the student and parent/guardian with respect
  • To help each student grow as a musician and person
  • To arrive promptly for each lesson and communicate in the event that she is running late
  • To keep the parent/guardian informed of progress and areas of improvement
  • To provide her guidance and expertise to the student and parent/guardian in all music-related matters, including repertoire selection, performance and enrichment opportunities, and the purchase or rental of instruments and accessories
  • To communicate concerns with the student and parent with honesty and diplomacy
  • To respond to the parent/guardian in a prompt fashion

The Student’s Responsibilities

  • To treat my teacher with respect
  • To be willing and ready to learn at each lesson
  • To do my best to listen to my teacher’s feedback and apply it
  • To practice what my teacher asks for as often as requested
  • To ask for help in any form
  • To communicate concerns with my parent/guardian and teacher

The Parent/Guardian’s Responsibilities

  • To understand and help my child understand that learning music is a commitment that should be honored equally with other extracurriculars
  • To adopt a supportive attitude towards my child’s practice
  • To keep my child’s instrument in good repair and take it for service when suggested
  • To be present during, but not in control of, my child’s lesson
  • To reinforce the teacher’s practice requests in an encouraging manner
  • To communicate concerns with the teacher and my child with honesty and diplomacy
  • To respond to the teacher in a prompt fashion

Term Dates 2019

The year is divided into four 9 week terms plus one 8 week summer term. The final week of each term is dedicated to making up any lessons missed during that term, and a one week break is held between terms.

First Term: January 7th – March 3rd

Make-up week: March 4th-5th

No classes: March 6th-17th

Ms. Nissa will be traveling internationally March 6th-14th; this is the reason for the limited make-up window and longer break this term

Second Term: March 18th – May 19th

Make-up week: May 20th-26th

No classes: May 27th-June 2nd

Summer Term (8 weeks): June 3rd – July 21st

Make-up week: July 22nd-28th

No classes: July 29th-August 4th

Third Term: August 5th – September 29th

Make-up week: September 30th-October 6th

No classes: October 7th-13th

Fourth Term: October 14th – December 15th

Make-up week: December 16th-22nd

No classes: December 23rd-January 5th, 2020

General Policies

  • Ms. Nissa is a traveling teacher based in La Grange, Illinois. Given time and schedule limitations, she does not travel more than 15 miles to students’ homes. If you are outside of the 15 mile radius, please contact her at info@andersonmusic.studio to explore other lesson options.
  • Communication is imperative. Ms. Nissa will respond to your texts and emails within 24 hours, please extend the same courtesy.
  • It is strongly recommended that the parent/guardian is present during lessons to stay in the loop and reinforce topics covered during the lesson outside of lesson time.
  • Non-discrimination notice: Anderson Music Studio does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, or ethnicity in admission to the studio, nor do we discriminate in the administration of our policies herein.
  • Referral bonus: refer a friend and receive a lesson 50% off when that student enrolls in lessons.
  • Group classes and recitals are not currently offered due to space availability, but we’re working on it. You will receive notice if/when this changes.

Cancellation and Make-Up Policies

  • Lessons must be canceled no later than 8 AM on the day of the lesson.
  • If this notice is received, a required make-up lesson will be held the final week of the term free of charge.
  • If a lesson is canceled later than 8 AM, it will be considered a late-cancel and a make-up lesson will not be offered and tuition will still be applied to that lesson.
  • A student may elect to make-up any late-cancel lessons at the end of the term, but a fee equivalent to the cost of one lesson will be charged as the original tuition payment will not apply.
  • If Ms. Nissa must miss a lesson, the lesson will be:
    • Rescheduled to a time that is mutually convenient, OR
    • Made up at the end of term free of charge, OR 
    • Canceled, with 50% of the tuition for that lesson being refunded in the form of a tuition credit the following month
  • Make-up lessons are scheduled on a separate basis based on the availability of both parties.
  • Make-up lessons are not optional. If the student misses a lesson, it must be made up. If the student misses their make-up lessons for the term, a fee equivalent to the cost of one lesson will be charged.
  • Students are welcomed to take an extra lesson during a make-up week even if they have not missed any lessons that term. This lesson will be charged separately from monthly tuition and scheduled separately from the regularly scheduled lesson time.
  • Should the family decide to cease lessons, briefly or permanently, a 30 day notice is required and any remaining tuition will not be refunded.

Financial Policies

  • The introductory lesson is always free of charge.
  • Tuition is due at the start of each month, and will vary based on the number of lessons to be held that month.
  • Pricing is as follows:
    • $30/30 minutes
    • $40/45 minutes (recommended)
    • $60/60 minutes
    • In the event Ms. Nissa travels 5-9 miles to your home, a $20 travel fee will be added to the tuition for each month
    • In the event Ms. Nissa travels 10-15 miles to your home, a $30 travel fee will be applied to the tuition for each month
    • Travel fees are used to compensate for time, gas, and tolls
    • Travel fees will be applied under the following circumstances:
  • It is the parent’s responsibility to designate their preferred payment method. Tuition may be paid via
    • Cash/check
      • If paying via cash or check, Ms. Nissa will inform you of the total for the month at the child’s first lesson. Be prepared to pay the month in full at the first lesson of each month.
    • Venmo: @Nissa-Anderson
    • Paypal: Nissa.Anderson12@gmail.com
      • If paying via Venmo or Paypal, Ms. Nissa will charge the parent/guardian for tuition through that platform on a monthly basis. Payment is due within 2 days of the first monthly lesson.



Policies effective Dec. 26th, 2018, until further notice
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