Why Your Child Should Take Suzuki Violin Lessons

Want to know why your child should take Suzuki violin lessons at Anderson Music in Riverside, Illinois? Here’s five reasons why:

Family Bonding

The Suzuki Method not only encourages the caregiver to participate, it’s required. What other activity do you send your children to that requires you to participate? We can’t think of any.

This presents a unique opportunity for families to grow together over several years. Families who have graduated from the Suzuki method report that it allowed them the ability to work together as a family in new and different ways. Though it wasn’t always easy, they overwhelmingly felt that they wouldn’t trade the relationship that Suzuki allowed them to develop for anything.

Whether your toddler is still at home, your kindergartener is heading to school for the first time, or you’d like an opportunity to spend more time with your pre-teen, the Suzuki method allows weekly opportunities for one-on-one bonding time for caregiver and child.

Comprehensive caregiver support

We’ve heard it a hundred times: “I started to learn an instrument as a kid but I never practiced. My parents didn’t want to pay for it if I didn’t practice, so I quit. I regret not sticking with it.”

You can’t tell someone you’re a musician, let alone a music teacher, without hearing some iteration of that story.

We know that learning violin can be challenging. We also know most parents that come to our studio aren’t musicians themselves, let alone violinists specifically. At Anderson Music, it is OUR responsibility to show you how to be the best support system you can be for your young musician.

Suzuki families go through orientation before even beginning private lessons. Like ground school for pilots or student teaching for educators, we run you through the basics before we let you get in on the action. We also hold regular talks, host meet-ups, and, coordinate practice buddies, and conference one-on-one with caregivers twice per year.

Even Traditional families receive a lesson start-up guide upon enrolling and are always welcome to join Suzuki programming for a low additional fee.

We want your child to take violin lessons long-term, and we make sure we give you the tools to make that happen.

Personalized instruction

Every child is different and we are prepared to help each student learn in their own unique way. Whether your child is high-energy, strictly motivated by games, or even nonverbal, our faculty knows how to adjust the method to meet the student where they’re at.

Every student in our program learns the same fundamental concepts, but we’ve never really taught the same lesson twice – everyone is different.


Anderson Music is a community-minded studio. On a micro level, we are always working to connect our studio parents to each other. Many of our students have become friends outside of the studio and have practice play dates often, and we even go on studio field trips to see the CSO and the Grant Park Symphony.

Keeping it local is important to us. We partner with local businesses like Back to Nature and Brookfield Academy for Mini Musicians to bring enrichment programming to our students. We co-host Open Mic Fridays for kids at Sips & Sweets. Our students perform at community events throughout the year, and we decorate a Christmas Tree at the Brookfield Zoo every year.

We are also focused on giving back. We plant one tree per student every month through One Tree Planted and we hold supply drives for Ronald McDonald House during the holidays. When you join Anderson Music, you join a group of families engaged in supporting their local community.


Our students have FUN learning. Laughter echoing through our hallways is a regular occurrence.

Our teachers use tons of strategies and rewards to encourage joy in students’ learning. From weekly stickers and coloring charts to studio-wide practice challenges four times a year, we are always working to keep our students engaged and enjoying the learning process.

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